THERMAL WATER. From the cave of the Nymph springs out thermal water which is protagonist of homonym line dedicated to wellness of body and mind. The water flows at the temperature of 30° and is rich of precious elements as sulfur, calcium, bromine, potassium and magnesium.All this elements give benefits to the cells of our body.
The line NINFE is produced entierly in Italy by using certified active principles, coming from biological agriculture and raw materials controlled, scrupulously following European regulation of cosmetic products.
All products from the line NINFE are formulated without parabens, alcohol paraffins and other oils from mineral derivation.

The PROFESSIONAL FACE line offers studied treatments in a specific way for all types of skin:
hypersensitive,couperous,acne and mature skin.
The PROFESSIONAL BODY line is targeted at treatment and prevention of skin imperfections
such as: cellulite, accumulation of liquid in skin tissue, muscle loss and dehidration.

BIOLOGICAL AGENTS. The formulations of NINFE studied in our laboratories allow to the properties of minerals from water to act in synergy with autochtonous bilogical agents from mediterranean area carefully selected by our researchers.
NINFE is a dermocosmetical line dermatologicaly and microbiologically tested in accredited universities.
The products of the SELF-CARE FACE line are formuated for the needs and treatments of all types of skin and they include different products such as: cleanser, tonic, cream and serum. The products of the SELF-CARE BODY line were studied to assist treatments of different problems related to microcirculation dysfunctions and dehidration.

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